Know-how - Schwarz-Etienne



Masters of its craft, Schwarz Etienne has always developed its creations with a fundamental desire to capture the living power of time, the very essence of the watchmaking challenge.




The values of Schwarz Etienne remain loyal to those of its foundation in 1902: quality, authenticity, and a profound respect for watchmaking tradition. These inherent qualities of craftsmanship form the backbone of the family business and remain the guiding words to their successors today.

Profoundly attached to its roots in the Neuchâtel mountains, a sign in itself of the company’s respect for tradition, and to a creative process executed with patience and rigor, the company delivers products of exceptional quality. To achieve this, it controls the entire production process. The company owes its image of excellence, and attributes its constant growth, to the talent and meticulous nature of its master watchmakers, artists in the craft of capturing time.



Benefitting from a rare technical and human know-how, Schwarz Etienne handles both the design and manufacture of its movements and most of the watch components - made possible thanks to the skill of its twin company and partner, E20 Innovations, specialists in assortments: escapement and the oscillating organ (including the hairspring).

This independence is the foundation of its creative freedom and guarantees total quality control.




Schwarz Etienne constantly pushes the perceived limits of its craft. Ensuring each watch is truly exceptional is the result of a perpetual quest for aesthetical and technical perfection.

The craftsmanship which comes to the fore in its production celebrates both a demanding and artistic vision of time. Schwarz Etienne never relents in perfecting its timepieces, ensuring each component, even those not visible to the human eye, are treated with equal importance. Such a meticulous philosophy guarantees a product of irreproachable quality - the true hallmark of haute horlogerie.