An extensive array of movements

A diverse portfolio of movements, encompassing modular construction and evolutionary design.

Creating a Manufacture movement is challenging and requires much technical expertise often amassed over many years. Schwarz Etienne believes that being a Manufacture provides the opportunity to be creative when making highly original and exclusive watches, equipped with bespoke movements. The company provides a refreshing alternative to the conventional, off-the-peg movements used by many watches brands. Schwarz Etienne believe its approach is consistent with the idea of true luxury.

Indeed, as a fully fledged Manufacture, Schwarz Etienne stands out from the crowd and is known for its ability to create high-end, exclusive watches.

By producing its movements in-house, Schwarz Etienne has full control over the quality of its products in terms of precision, durability, reliability and craftsmanship. By mastering all of the processes necessary to make a watch, Schwarz Etienne is able to create products independently without the need for third parties. The Maison has also gained a reputation for thinking outside the box, creating fresh and exciting expressions of fine watchmaking. Being independent facilitates creativity.

MSE Movements – a range of manual movements

The MSE shares the same main plate and bridges as its sibling, the ASE 100.00. Indeed, both movements share much in common. For example, they both have the same number of bridges, feature the same types of decoration and they are both equipped with a variable inertia balance.
However, the MSE movements forgo a micro-rotor in favour of a second barrel. The result is, these manual calibres have a longer power-reserve than their self-winding counterparts. But this is not the only benefit of having two barrels instead of one.
With two barrels in parallel, the distribution of force from the barrels to the escapement is more consistent, thereby enhancing rate stability.
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ASE Movements – a range of automatic movements

These self-winding movements incorporate a micro-rotor, energising the mainspring. Unlike, a regular oscillating weight, the micro-rotor sits flush with neighbouring bridges, affording sublime views of the refined finishing.
When contrasted with a regular index-adjusted balance, the variable inertia balance proves less susceptible to positional errors and delivers superior rate stability.
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ISE Movements– Inverted movements

Schwarz Etienne offers a range of movements designed to indulge the mechanically curious horophile with dial-side views of the regulating organ and micro-rotor. This spectacle is made possible by inverting the movement, effectively engineering the calibre to showcase components that usually dwell to the rear of a watch.
One example of the ISE family of movements includes the ISE 100.11 which features an innovative, and entirely visible, date mechanism.
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TSE movements – a range of tourbillon movements

The TSE movements are fitted with a tourbillon. This high complication involves placing the escapement and regulating organ in a revolving cage, thereby mitigating the adverse influence of gravity on the regulating organ. Moreover, it bestows the dial with an eye-catching dose of animation.
Unlike a regular ‘tourbillon’, the TSE 121.00 eschews an upper bridge, hence it is termed a ‘flying tourbillon’. This latter expression of the gravity-defying complication indulges the wearer with superior views of numerous parts in flight.
Consistent with several other Schwarz Etienne calibres, the TSE movements are inverted with the micro-rotor front of house.
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